Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Not so Haiku and Cancer

Round Online is a great online collaborative magazine that focuses on a particular topic or art form per issue. I had the opportunity to do an illustration for a very sad a poem titled, After Dave's Body Turned on Itself, (that is not a haiku) by Marcella Hammer about cancer for the new Haiku issue.

Like many my wife and I have suffered loss because of cancer. Over the last few years we have been blessed to help support the fight against it. Please consider purchasing the original framed artwork. My wife and I will donate all the proceeds to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Click here to purchase the artwork.
Thank you for your help.


rusz said...

nice work

Simon Jones said...

Wow, no kidding that the piece you illustrated was indeed sad. But an excellent illustration by you mate, as I'd expect. It looks to me like the figure in the illustration is unraveling. In the words of the 'Frou Frou', "there's beauty in breakdown."

Marcella Hammer said...

I thought the artwork was lovely. Thank you! :)